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Arranged Marriage invitation!!! Hilarious

Arranged Marriage invitation

Arranged Marriage invitation


This one’s not just for Punjabis but for all those who have been bombarded with ‘Punjlish’…….

A is for Aiscreame 

B is for Backside, and it has nothing to do with your butt. It is an instruction to go to the rear side of a building, block, shop or whatever.

C is for Cloney and it is not a process for replicating sheep, nor is its first name George. It is merely an area where people live e.g. ‘Defence Cloney’.

D is for the proverbial ‘Dangar da Puttar

E is for Expanditure, the spending of money

F is for Fackade, and even though it sounds like a bad word it is actually just the front side of a building (with backside being the back, of course).

G is for Gaddi, and the way a Punjabi can pilot his gaddi puts any F1 driver to shame. (If the Grand Prix does come to Delhi there’s no way Hamilton,Alonso or Kimi can overtake Balvinder, Jasvinder or Sukhvinder’s taxi.)

H is for ‘Ho Jayega Ji‘, and the moment you hear that you have to be careful because you can be reasonably sure it is not going to happen.

I is for Intzaar, and to know more about it see ‘P’.

J is for Jutt, which every Punjabi seems to be.

K is for Khanna, Khurana, etc, the Punjabi equivalent of the Joneses (e.g.’Keeping up with the Khuranas ji’)

L is for Loin, the king of the jungle

M is for ‘Mrooti‘, the car that an entire generation of Punjabis were in love with.

N is for ‘No Problem Ji.’ To find out how that works see ‘H’.

O is for Oye, which can be surprise (Oyye!), a greeting (Oyy!), anger (OYY!) or pain (Oy oy oy…)

P is for Punj Mint, and no matter how near (1 km) or far (100 km) a Punjabi is from you, he always says he’ll reach you in punj mint (5 minutes).

Q is for Queue, a word completely untranslateable into Punjabi.

R is for Riks, and a Punjabi is always prepared to take one (risk), even if the odds are against him.

S is for Sweetie, Sunny, Simmi and Sonu, who seem to own half the cars in Delhi . (The other half by their Pappas – like ‘Sweetie de Pappa di Gaddi’)

T is for the official bird of Punjab : Tandoori Chickun.

U is for when you lose your sex appeal and become ‘Uncul-ji

V is for VIP phone numbers @ Rs 15 lakh and counting.

W is for Whan, as in ‘Whan are you coming, ji?’

X is for the many X-rated words that flow freely in Punjabi conversations.

Y is for ‘You nonsanse‘, when anger replaces vocabulary in a slanging  match.

Z is for Zindgi which every Punjabi knows how to live to the fullest.

Use Ebates and Save

113 degrees outside

So i got a frozen pizza to work and left it in the car, by noon my lunch was ready!!!

jdo main nikka bacha si (when i was a kid…)

punjab kids

O waqt bda acha c,
jdo main nikka bcha c..

Goliyan-tofian khanda c,
chotiyan nikkran panda c..

Odo sasta bda petrol c,
par cycle mere kol c..

Na kudiyan da koi zikr c,
menu padai di bs fikr c..

Na fcbuk te status likhda c,
ms-word te paint sikhda c..

Jdo yar saare mere nal c,
odo waqt ne badli chal c,
school chad aaye colg vich,
kyuki zindgi da swal c..

Hun group ch rehna painda hai,
sorry, thank-u kehna painda hai,

par fer v yar mere puchde ne,
tu kalla-kalla kyu rehnda hai..

Main jwab nhe de panda ha,
bs chup-chap reh janda ha,
fir athru poonj ke kehnda ha,
tusi saare jao main aanda ha..

Sb puchde wajah dil sakht di,
main keha yad aagyi us waqt di,
jo waqt bda acha c,
jdo main nikka bcha c..

PS: the attached video is amazing

courtesy Aditya Mahajan

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